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We are once again giving a taste of Danish Jewish history

We will focus on the story with this "Isidor Aqvavit", which is based on a traditional caraway schnapps with a touch of porce, handpicked in Thy not far from Aalborg. It is a tribute to Henius and his importance to Danish industry and food culture.

The schnapps was developed in collaboration with Nyborg Distillery and of course also has kosher certification. The label was designed by Jakob Glad. You can read much more here
It will go on sale on the museum's birthday on June 6! 
Come by!

Jewish mysteries from Danish history

Remember that you can find all episodes of our podcast here on the website.

In the podcast "Jewish mysteries from Denmark's history", journalist Bent Blüdnikow and former chief rabbi Bent Lexner dive into the depths of history. Together they have been on a fascinating journey through the archives to discover and share hidden stories and remarkable moments from Danish Jewish history.
Explore the episodes, learn about our cultural heritage and immerse yourself in the many stories that form an important part of Denmark's history. 
The podcast is produced by the Danish Jewish Museum in collaboration with the Jewish Information Center. 
You will find all the episodes here

Auschwitz Day 2024

On January 27, the annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held. In Denmark, the day has been named Auschwitz Day, where we remember victims of the Holocaust and other genocides.

This year, testimony and teaching were central themes for this year's celebration. The last witnesses to history disappear just as quietly these years, and although many still make a huge effort to tell their story to, for example, school children, it is important to secure these testimonies for the future as well. The Holocaust has just been made an integral part of history education at school, just as the government launched an action plan against anti-Semitism in 2022.
Remembrance is our shared responsibility and memorial days such as Auschwitz Day help, together with education and information, to focus on both the victims and the history.
In addition to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, there were speeches by the chairman of the Jewish Community in Denmark, Henri Goldstein, the Israeli and Croatian ambassadors, Holocaust researcher Deborah Dwork and Danish testimonies, in addition to music by Poul Rosenbaum and candle lighting.
You can watch or watch the event again in the video on the right.
→ Read much more here