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It's our birthday!



AND! June 6 is also the day we launch our newest item in the museum shop. 
We have produced a unique aquavit that conveys the story of Isidor Henius, who as a young Jew from poor conditions in Torun (today's Poland, then part of Prussia) immigrated to Denmark in 1838. He actually walked all the way - it took 6 weeks .
He got work in Copenhagen in brandy production, and was quick to use new techniques and he built steam distilleries in GrenĂ¥ (1839), Roskilde (1840), Aarhus (1841) and finally for Peter Wibroe in Aalborg in 1843. In 1845 he became independent and founded together with three companies "Aalborg Privilegerede Sirup- og Spritfabrik".
We will focus on the story with this "Isidor Aqvavit", which is based on a traditional caraway schnapps with a touch of porce, handpicked in Thy not far from Aalborg. It is a tribute to Henius and his importance to Danish industry and food culture.