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Jewish burial grounds in Copenhagen

Jewish burial grounds in Copenhagen

Jewish gravesites are never abandoned, and there is great Danish history, exciting destinies and fine anecdotes hidden in the two Jewish burial grounds in Copenhagen.

We invite you on a trip to the oldest, namely the Mosaisk Northern Cemetery, where the first burial took place over 300 years ago.

On the tour, you can hear about the personalities who are buried, including actress Johanne Louise Heiberg's mother, who was a tent keeper at Bakken, national bank director Moritz Levy and Harriet Salomonsen, the first wife of Politiken's co-founder Edvard Brandes.

We hold the tour twice in August and September.

The: The meeting place is Møllegade 12 (on the corner of Møllegade and Guldbergsgade) and it lasts approx. one hour - the tour itself is exclusively at the burial ground.

Price: DKK 75. Tickets can be bought via MobilePay - pay to 315083

When: 22 August and 6 September at 15:00