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New Funen stumbling blocks


The stumbling block

Fortunately, the number of stumbling blocks for the victims of Nazism in Denmark is increasing all the time. Most recently there has been activity on Funen.

On 9 April, a stone was laid in front of the Odense theater for Bent von Müllen, who was killed in a clearing murder.
On Saturday 4 May, four stones will be laid for resistance fighters Sven Holm, Henning Børge Hansen, Bendt Stentoft and Bent Christensen in Nyborg. These are the first stumbling blocks in Nyborg.
Not least, a new stone was laid for judge Julius Jospeh Moritz in Assens back in February to replace the stone that was unfortunately broken open and stolen on 23 October last year.
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"With the stumbling block we remember known as well as unknown victims of Nazism. At the same time, the stumbling block reminds us that peace and freedom are not a given. The stumbling block is placed for different social groups: Jews, communists, resistance fighters, police officers and victims of the German "counter-terror ” (clearing murder).” - The stumbling block Fyn 
Do you want to know more?
Historiens Hus in Odense has developed an app that supports the dissemination of stumbling blocks. The Danish Jewish Museum has developed content for the stones dealing with the Jewish victims, which are primarily located in inner Copenhagen and the metropolitan area. 
You can discover yourself among the stumbling blocks or download our student material for use in teaching here.
Link to app: https://snublesten.historienshus.dk/