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The traveling exhibition has come to Horsens!


400 years of Danish-Jewish life

Now you can experience 400 years of Danish Jewish history in Horsens! Come by the Industrial Museum, where our unique traveling exhibition will be on display until September 2024. Here you can learn more about tolerance and anti-Semitism, among other things.

The exhibition marks the first 400 years of Danish-Jewish life since Christian IV invited Jews from Amsterdam to live in Glückstadt in Holstein in 1622. As part of the celebration, a traveling exhibition was developed about the 400-year history of the Jews in Denmark. This exhibition will now pass by Horsens on 31 May 2024 and can be experienced until 29 September.

The local character

The exhibition will be enriched with stories about three Jews who have left their mark on Horsens: About Horsens' "financial mayor" Isaac Levy, if Moritz Goldschmidt and the textile factory Crome & Goldschmidt and about the influential and visionary school teacher Dorothea Heckscher.

You can experience that

The exhibition contains several interactive and playful elements that tell about immigration to Denmark. Through quizzes, visitors can explore where different Danes actually have their roots from, and which products and objects might not exist without Jewish immigration.

In addition to the more traditional 400 year timeline, the exhibition also presents a 400 year tolerance versus intolerance timeline. Here the audience can see high points and low points in the tolerance towards Jews in Denmark. Four interviews with young Danish Jews focus on the issue of anti-Semitism in today's Denmark and open up an important debate.

Practical informations

Time: 31 May to 29 September 2024

Location: The Industrial Museum in Horsens

Opening hours: All days from 10.00 – 16.00.

The Danish Jewish Museum and the Jewish Society, in collaboration with the Jewish Information Center and Operate, have created a traveling exhibition that will move through Danish cities with local Jewish stories over the next two years. 

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If you are a teacher or know someone who is a teacher, the Jewish Information Center has prepared school material which is linked to 400 years of Jewish history in Denmark. You will find material about the first Jews, Jewish life today, Danish immigration history and escape.

→ Follow the link here