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We are once again giving a taste of Danish Jewish history


New items in the shop

We have produced a unique aquavit

It tells the story of Isidor Henius, who as a young Jew from a poor neighborhood in Torun (today's Poland, then part of Prussia) immigrated to Denmark in 1838. He actually walked all the way - it took 6 weeks. He got work in Copenhagen in brandy production, and was quick to use new techniques and he built steam distilleries in Grenå (1839), Roskilde (1840), Aarhus (1841) and finally for Peter Wibroe in Aalborg in 1843. In 1845 he became independent and founded together with three companies "Aalborg Privilegerede Sirup- og Spritfabrik".

Henius became very important for Danish industrial history. He is the single person who has had the greatest influence on the transformation of brandy distilling from artisanal small-scale production to large-scale industrial production, not only in Aalborg, but throughout the country. In 1860, he introduced a so-called column distillation apparatus, which could, among other things, remove the foul-tasting and smelly fusel oils from the spirit. Aalborg Taffel Akvavit – better known as Rød Aalborg – became a Danish quality product not just in Denmark, but throughout the world. In 1872 he was director of the largest distillery in Denmark and in 1881 Henius entered into a partnership with the financier CF Tietgen on the formation of De Danske Spritfabrikker. It was a huge success.

We will focus on the story with this "Isidor Aqvavit", which is based on a traditional caraway schnapps with a touch of porce, handpicked in Thy not far from Aalborg. It is a tribute to Henius and his importance to Danish industry and food culture.

It has been developed in collaboration with Nyborg Distillery. The label was designed by Jakob Glad.

The schnapps can be bought in the museum shop from 6 June 

It costs DKK 229.

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