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Discover 400 years of Danish Jewish history in Copenhagen

On this page you can find two different maps of Copenhagen, which guide you through the fascinating Jewish history of the city. One map is a city map with an overview of places of Danish Jewish significance, while the other is a planned route of 5 km.
The maps guide you on the tracks of an often somewhat hidden, but nonetheless fascinating, history – past the city's buildings, statues, memorials, mansions and squares, backyards and slums, all of which bear witness to 400 years of Jewish history in Denmark. 
The history of Jews in Copenhagen is rich and diverse, and we want to make this history easily accessible to everyone. By using the map, you can easily find the places that have played an important role in the city's Jewish community over time.
We hope that you will find the map and route both useful and inspiring, and that it will enrich your understanding of Copenhagen's Jewish history. Enjoy your city tour!

City map over Jewish Copenhagen

Have the city map with you on your phone when you move around Copenhagen's beautiful streets. The map is not a planned route, but guides you to find the many traces and imprints of history in the cityscape right near you. The card is available in both Danish and English.
→ You will find the city map here

The city map was developed by: Jewish Information Center, Danish Jewish Museum, The Jewish Society in Denmark and the Municipality of Copenhagen

Historical Walks

On the 5 km long city walk you will pass selected points of impact in Danish Jewish history. The tour starts at the Danish Jewish Museum's unique architecture, past Copenhagen's first synagogue and to the atmospheric Jewish burial ground in Nørrebro.
→ You will find the map here

The Danish Jewish Museum has contributed to the project with the walking route "Danish Jewish history in Copenhagen" in collaboration with the Dansk Vandrelaug.