There is great diversity among Danish Jews, and consensus is a rare phenomenon. Differences exist on the cultural level, for example between the old, Danish Jewish families and those of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

There are varying opinions on questions of religion, schooling and marriage in the Danish Jewish community. These can be important clues to the cultural identity of a new Jewish acquaintance and establishing his or her standpoint in relation to oneself. In many cases, these attitudes are stages on the road to integration and assimilation.

Although Jews are often seen as a homogeneous group, Danish Jews like other Jews, have many different attitudes towards the importance and influence of their Jewish-ness on their lives and how they choose to express their Jewish-ness. There are large differences in background, occupation, political orientation and in life-styles.

The number of Danish Jews is based on the official membership list of The Jewish Community in Denmark which is smaller than Birdlife Denmark. Jewish non-members live their Jewish lives in societies and within their private circles of family and friends or possess a private, inconspicuous Jewish identity.

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