Cultures within the culture

Denmark is a country of associations and clubs. It is therefore hardly surprising that Jewish life in Denmark is also association-orientated.

There is a bridge club, a Yiddish salon, Zionist organizations, trade guilds, a sports club, a Jewish radio station, a genealogical society, a society for Danish Jewish history, peace movements, a Polish-Israeli club, youth clubs and so on. Their activities range from relief work, parish politics, the production of Jewish periodicals, the holding of film festivals, seminars, bazaars as well as various celebrations and festivals.


In their own peaceful way the numerous societies, clubs and movements reflect the diversity of the many Danish Jewish standpoints. The need to meet with like-minded people is easily understandable. However these societies, clubs and movements also reflect diversity within the Danish Jewish community. The Eastern European immigrants established their own societies where they felt at home as did the later Polish immigrants.

These societies can be interpreted as elements of a united Jewish universe, providing an informal forum for meeting Jewish friends in relaxed and homely surroundings; yet for the insider they reflect an internal fractionation.

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