Many beautiful and unusual objects are used in Jewish rituals, and objects have the great advantage that they can be brought to new places to help in the creation of a Jewish universe there. Traditions are a common history and culture, connecting Jews across centuries and national borders.

Less than 10% of the Jewish community in Denmark's members are orthodox Jews striving to comply with all the commandments of Judaism. For orthodox families in Denmark, procuring kosher food, arranging their work according to the feast days and taking care of their children's education can be a lot of work, and some of them choose to move to large European cities or Israel. Far greater shares of the members appreciate traditions without wishing to call themselves religious, and define themselves as "cultural Jews" or "traditionalists".

But there is also a growing group of Jews in Denmark who seek to return to the religious and spiritual values of Judaism, entirely separate from the law aspect. Jewish mysticism exerts great attraction, even among Jews without much contact with the community.

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