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Employees at the Danish Jewish Museum

Museum director

Janus Møller Jensen



you. tel. 29 81 05 10




Signe B. Larsen


Donations, research, communication

you. tel. 91 23 07 21



Museum assistant

Mads Emil Løkke Kristensen


Administration, advertising, booking

you. tel. 91 23 07 27




Sara F. Stadager

mag. art.

Dissemination, PR, research

you. tel. 91 23 07 22



Registrar and collection manager

Thomas Egebæk


Collection, archive, shop

you. tel. 29 81 08 18



Museum assistant

Trine D. Lauritzen


Accounting and administration

you. tel. 92152038




The Danish Jewish Museum's corps of volunteers plays an important role in serving the public and contributes to the good spirit of the museum.

Would you like to spend at least half a day a week within the museum's opening hours - and become part of the museum's daily work and strong network? Among other things, the museum thanks you for your time and your commitment with staff events.

To ensure that everyone gets the best experience as a volunteer, the museum has drawn up a policy paper for volunteers, so that expectations are aligned between the parties in the best possible way. Read the policy paper here. 

Write to the museum and introduce yourself briefly if you would like to join.

We look forward to having you on the team.



We have many talented student assistants.

The student assistants are the ones you meet on city walks, at events, in the museum shop and are an indispensable part of the daily running of the museum.

We regularly post vacancies on this page, but do not hesitate to send an unsolicited application.



We often have room for interns and have several study places in the office.

Please contact us if you would like to do an internship at the museum. Here you can gain experience with everything from mediation to registration. If you are doing research within Danish Jewish history, you can apply for a study place in our office.

The Board

chairman of the Board
Managing Partner
Finn Schwarz
Designated by the Jewish Community in Denmark

Secretary General
Michael Metz Mørk
Designated by Danish Industry 

Professor, Dr. Phil.
Hanne Trautner-Kromann
Designated by Lund University, Sweden

Culture and leisure mayor
Mia Nyegaard
Copenhagen municipality

Bachelor of Laws
Lis Ekner
Designated by the Society for Danish Jewish History

Michael Feder
Appointed by the board

Member of the Culture and Leisure Committee
Katrine Hassenkam
Appointed by the Citizens' Representative Office

Commissioned members of the museum's board
time chairman of the board
Ivar Samrén


The Municipality of Copenhagen provides the Danish Jewish Museum with an annual operating grant, and the museum also receives state aid according to §15 of the Museums Act. 
The establishment and further development of the Danish Jewish Museum was supported by:

Sanna and Victor Borge Memorial Fund
Aase and Ejnar Danielsen's Foundation
Supreme Court prosecutor CL Davids Legacy for relatives and friends
Egmont Foundation
Helene Elsass
The Realdania Foundation
Knud Højgaards Fond
Ministry of Culture
Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond
Stichting Marcus Choleva Family Foundation
AP Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller's Foundation for General Purposes
Ole Kirk's Foundation
Beehive funds
The Bevica Foundation
Knud Højgaards Fond
Ole Kirk's Foundation
Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation
Oticon Funds
The Mitco Foundation


From the period 1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020, the Danish Jewish Museum has had a collection. The accounts for this can be seen here.