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Collaborates with other institutions

Copenhagen's Cultural Quarter

17 cultural institutions in the heart of Copenhagen

Go exploring in Copenhagen's Kulturkvarter! Within a radius of 10 minutes' walk, you will find 17 exciting museums and activities, which together tell about Denmark's past, present and future.

We are very happy to be one of the 17 institutions, all of which are located in the heart of Copenhagen's inner city. There are many initiatives that take place across the cultural quarter. A recurring success happens again in August, when the cultural district invites you to pop-up Thursday bars - it's really nice!

The 17 institutions are: Archeological Workshop, BLOX, Christiansborg Castle, Danish Architecture Center, Danish Jewish Museum, The Black Diamond – The Royal Library, Parliament, Kings' Lapidarium, War Museum, Art Association GL STRAND, Copenhagen Museum, Copenhagen City Archives, National Museum, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Theater Museum in Hofteatret, Tivoli and Thorvaldsen's Museum.

→ Read more about Copenhagen's Culture Quarter here and stay tuned! 

The Society for Danish Jewish History

Free entry to the museum and a lot of other benefits

Do you want to follow along and support the work of disseminating Danish Jewish History? Then join the Society for Danish Jewish History.

As a member, you get access to special events, news and free entry to the museum for yourself and a companion. In addition, there are special member offers on the museum's publications and discounts on selected items in the shop. The society supports the museum's work and also organizes its own events for the members.

Once a year you receive RAMBAM. RAMBAM is a scientific journal dealing with Danish Jewish history in the fields of art, culture, literature and politics. The journal brings original research, debate forums, personal stories and genealogical findings as well as reviews rooted in a Danish Jewish context. The articles are academic, but written in a popular science tone.

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Danish Hiking Association

Historical Walks – Danish Jewish history in Copenhagen

Take a historical walking tour in Copenhagen and experience Danish Jewish history firsthand.

In collaboration with the Dansk Vandrelaug, we have developed a walking route past exciting historical buildings and memorials for Danish Jewish history in Copenhagen. 

The trip is part of Historical Walks, which is a collaboration between the Danish Hiking Association, the National Museum and the Natural History Museums of Denmark. The development of the Historical Walks is supported by the Nordea Foundation. The Danish Jewish Museum has contributed to the project with the walking route "Danish Jewish history in Copenhagen" in collaboration with the Danish Vandrelaug, Copenhagen branch.


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