Collected materials

WW2 materials at The Danish Jewish Museum

In connection with the research and documentation project Danish Jewish Wartime Experiences 1943-1945, The Danish Jewish Museum has created a unique collection of materials to shed light on the lives and circumstances of Danish Jews before, during and after the Second World War.

In the collection are personal accounts and objects which tell of flight and rescue, but also about arrest and deportation, about life as a refugee in Sweden or underground in Denmark and of the return home to Denmark in 1945.

The collection is open to the public and may be used by all scholars and students interested in the subject.

The collection contains objects, photographs, archival materials in the form of letters, diaries, personal accounts and personal documents as well as archival material. Moreover, one hundred interviews with witnesses carried out in connection with the project are now made available to the public.

The collection contains:

77 objects
654 photographs 
222 archives
100 interviews
8 film footages and filmed interviews
23 digitalized objects, including photo albums and dairies
10 large size materials, including maps and drawings

You can search online and see a list of the collected objects, photographs and archives via Museernes Samlinger.

Download list of films

Download list of digitalised materials

Download list of large formats

If you wish to use materials from the collection, contact Signe Bergman Larsen

Download folder about WW2 materials at the Danish Jewish Museum

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