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Current exhibitions


in the 20th century

A special exhibition based on the escape and rescue of the Danish Jews in October 1943 tells a European story about the escape and persecution of Jews to and from Denmark from the end of the 1800th century to the present day. The exhibition is built around a series of unique objects that represent different chapters of history, which are brought to life in artist Kristan Bay Kirk's powerful illustrations.


Jewish life in the 1700th century

An exhibition about the establishment of Jewish life and culture in Denmark in the 1700th century. It is a glimpse into the museum's future exhibition, which you can help influence through your comments and suggestions.

Previous Exhibitions

The Danish Jewish Museum has a large back catalog of exhibitions that contains everything from the former permanent exhibition to larger special exhibitions and smaller pop-up exhibitions. In addition, the museum also develops traveling exhibitions. Below you will find a taste of the exhibitions the museum has had, and if you have any questions about any of them contact us finally.


A virtual reality movie

Take a virtual journey through the mind of the aging man Josef full of painful and fragmented memories of the escape to Sweden in October '43 and all that he had to leave behind. It is an intense and moving film experience in Daniel Libeskind's sensuous architectural setting, which creates a physical framework for the story of one of the most dramatic moments in Danish history.

What is a VR exhibition? See trailer here

From Chanukkah to Christmas

Festivals of light in December

Pop exhibition held at the Danish Jewish Museum in December 2020. 
The exhibition told about the meeting between the Christian Christmas and the Jewish Chanukkah in Denmark. 

Space and spaciousness

Former permanent exhibition at the Danish Jewish Museum.
The exhibition was the opening exhibition for the museum and ran from 2004-2020. 
The exhibition texts can be downloaded in pdf here in DANISH and ENGLISH


A special exhibition about the aftermath of war and persecution

The special exhibition was in a neighboring room to the museum's permanent exhibition and was open from 2013-2017. In 2020, the museum has published a catalog of the exhibition which can be purchased in the museum shop.