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Flight and persecution in the 20th century

The Danish Jewish Museum welcomes you to a deeply moving and thought-provoking special exhibition that sheds light on a dark period in the history of Denmark and Europe as a whole. "Flight and Persecution in the 20th century" tells a European story about the flight and persecution of Jews to and from Denmark from the end of the 1800th century up to the present day.
The exhibition is built around a number of unique objects that represent different chapters of history, and which are brought to life through drawings. Kristian Bay Kirk's powerful illustrations bring the story to life and delve into the emotional layers of fear, hope and courage that have shaped the tale of escape and persecution.
The special exhibition is not just a look into the past. It is a confrontation with the appalling realities that people have faced and a call to reflect on how these events shape our understanding of tolerance and humanity.
The exhibition opened in 2022 and will be experienced at the Danish Jewish Museum in the coming years.
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In my work for the Danish Jewish Museum's exhibition, the visual narrative had to have similarities to a graphic novel in its expression. As in a comic book, the reader must be guided through the story, from image to image.

Draftsman, Kristian Bay Kirk

With inspiration and focus on Daniel Libeskind's architecture, it was important for me to incorporate these sharp and crooked shapes in the illustrations, as a kind of framework between the motifs that guides the viewer's eyes through the narrative.

Draftsman, Kristian Bay Kirk














Guided tour

Book a tour of our special exhibition and immerse yourself in Danish Jewish history from the 20th century to the present day. Our special exhibition forms the basis for a unique narrative about the last 120 years of events, currents and trends within Danish Jewish history. 
The exhibition is suitable both for private groups, but in particular also for school classes with a focus on tolerance and humanity in history and social studies. Our experienced guides will take the group on a journey through historical milestones and defining moments in recent Danish Jewish history - from early events in the aftermath of October 1943 to the attack on the synagogue in 2015. 
You can read more about tours of the exhibition for groups or school classes here .