Antisemitisme - International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

The 27th of January is a day for commemoration of the Holocaust. Commemorations are held by the UN, EU, and countries around Europe as well as many other places in the world. In Denmark, this commemoration is referred to as Auschwitz-Day, where we remember the victims of Holocaust and other Genocides.

In 2021, we reflect over the Holocaust as an expression of Antisemitism in its most extreme form. But the phenomenon is much older, and antisemitism continues to exist and grow in several countries, including in Denmark. 

Against this background, it is of the utmost importance to remember and commemorate the terrible consequences of antisemitism. Continuous and strengthened focus should be given to information, dissemination and education of future generations about the despicable actions which historically have led to, and still continue to lead to persecution and genocide. During these times, as the last witnesses disappear, it is more vital than ever to have their stories told: these are the last witnesses and their stories will slip from living testimonies to recorded history. This reality renders it incumbent on each and every one of us to continuously keep a focus on the history and its consequences. History is lost if it is not told.

An important part of the work and efforts to counterattack antisemitism is the implementation of both a national and an international action plan against antisemitism. These plans for action, serve as structured efforts to prevent and eradicate acts of antisemitism through political actions, as well as information dissemination and enhanced education. In 2021 the Danish Government intends to introduce its own plan of action. On this note, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2021 focuses on efforts to curb anti-Semitism and strongly urges implementation of any efforts conducive to the widespread sharing of information, education, research, dialogue, and debate to prevent both prejudice and future genocides.

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