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When the Danish Jews returned to Denmark after the ending of World War II it was with the joy of expectations and gratitude of having survived. But nothing became what it had been before. The country the Danish Jews returned to had changed and the Danish Jews too were not what they had been before the war.

Denmark never became an arena of larger military operations  and was not exposed to massive bombings during World War II. But even though the country, in many ways, had been spared from the brutal reality of the war the Danish society was worn down and faced huge political challenges. While the war was still going on both victims, perpetrators, civilians and soldiers were occupied with survival and fighting. When the war was over the fight for peace, solidarity and for the future followed. 

This was the country the Danish Jews returned to. They brought with them traumatic experiences, changed patterns of life and anxiety about the faith of their children and relatives, worries about their belongings and habitations and about the social and economic status that waited for them in the liberated Denmark. 70 years later only the enthusiasm about the rescue of the Danish Jews remains. The story about the challenges of the homecoming has been covered under a veil of silence. 





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- an exhibition about Jews in Denmark

The exhibition is a broad story of Jewish life in Denmark and focuses on co-exixstence and indentity through 400 years. Read more...

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